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Early Letterforms Project

This Typography project called for 3 poster variations that emphasized different design features of an ancient letterform (form, display, type). Though each poster must stand on its own, they must ultimately form a cohesive whole. For my project, I selected the Greek letter Zeta.


The first poster emphasizes the form of Zeta, exaggerating her curves and elongating her lines, almost as if she drips sideways. The color blocks mold to her shape, while white space allows her to pop. The display and type, meanwhile, fade into the background.

The second poster emphasizes the word itself. Zeta stands yellow in bold contrast to the deep hue of the background. The form of the letter smoothes the way for the paragraph, while individual letters fade slowly in and out.


The third poster emphasizes the paragraph. The white text on dark background provides contrast, allowing the text's curve to become a part of Zeta's shape.


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