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Assignment and Concept

Originally completed in booklet form, my final project for Graphic Design II was to design a brand identity for a concept hotel. My concept was for the Greenhouse Hotel, a boutique hotel and spa located on the northern-most, and least inhabited, Hawaiian island, Kauai. On site, there are two restaurants, each with their own sub-identity. The Poolhouse is the more casual dining option, while the Birdhouse is an upscale Tiki bar.

Who, What, & Where

Known as the garden isle, Kauai is largely a nature reserve and its tourism is based around the landscape, which includes jagged mountain ranges, volcanic beaches, lush jungle, canyons, caves, and even the famous Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens. Because of this, the island quiet and is best suited for nature lovers and private getaways.


Currently, hotels on the island are done in a minimalistic style. The colors are muted and the design evokes little to nothing of the island itself. Not only that, but many are self contained and don’t encourage interaction with the locals. By contrast, Greenhouse is meant to inspire joy and a sense of adventure, engaging with local communities and economies through its design.


    I selected Hollywood Regency as the primary design aesthetic for its eclectic glamour. At once playful and luxurious, the style recalls the romantic era of the Hollywood golden age: escapism at its finest. Vintage designs, bold patterns, and bright colors speak loudest in this timeless style, drawing inspiration from all decades up through the modern.

    Out of Hollywood regency sprang other styles, none more island-specific than tiki. Originally, tiki was the result of the ignorant appropriation of Polynesian culture into a capitalist wet-bar, however since then it has evolved. Pulling from the playful nature of Regency, modern tiki is self aware as it pokes fun at its predecessor and embraces its campy-nature.

Tiki adds a casual air to the regency that speaks directly to island culture.

    Not only that, but the tiki aesthetic also brings elements of the local scenery in to the hotel itself, thereby tying its identity directly to the island. The Greenhouse could therefore only exist on Kauai. Environmental and social responsibility are key to my hotel’s identity because the “Garden isle” needs businesses that respect and protect it. By working with local artists and incorporating green features into the design, Greenhouse becomes a Hollywood escape that actively works for and with its location.

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