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The Greenhouse

Primary Color Palette

This palette pulls from the ocean and surrounding jungle. Calming and clean, these hues form a base that grounds the maximalism of the regency.

It is the details from which the regency rises: bright coral for the reefs, siren red from lipstick, deep yellow from the belly of birds, and soft green from sweet moss and the undergrowth.

Secondary Color Palette
Gill Sans (light)
Made Cannes (light)



In order to achieve an atmosphere of old Hollywood glamor, my design includes a vintage-look brass key with a chip reader.


Instead of standard "Do not disturb" and "Housekeeping Please!" signs, my design calls for two ties on fishhooks (red for stop, green for go/enter). The hooks recall the ocean, while the ties are a cheeky nod a clothing-strewn honeymoon.


Because part of my hotel's brand identity is focused on the environment and its preservation, I designed all of my products to be zero-waste, while still maintaining a luxurious aesthetic.

Reusable soap tin and logo-embossed bar soap. The tin is meant to be taken home as a keepsake.

Reusable body butter tin meant to be a keepsake.

Glass oil decanter with gold logo stopper. This is meant to remain at the hotel to be cleaned and refilled.

Glass or recycled plastic shampoo and conditioner. This too is meant to remain at the hotel to be refilled.

Reef-safe stick sunscreen in compostable cardboard packaging.

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