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The Poolhouse

The Poolhouse is the hotel's casual dining option. An illustrated jungle wallpaper pattern grounds the work in nature, while the geometric framework and Greek key motif reference the old Hollywood luxury of Julia Morgan's Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle.

Day & Night Menu

Poolhouse 4.jpg

Pool Design

Though this project was completed for a graphic design course, I had the option of including artistic features outside of traditional graphic mediums. Because local arts and culture are an intrinsic part of my hotel's brand identity, I designed a few pieces as if for a local artist's commission. The pool, for example, is based on the typographic work of Honolulu artist, Matthew Tapia. The main inspiration for my pool is his work at the Surfjack Hotel's pool (pictured below). Tapia's work is playful and casual in a way that suits the island aesthetic and tiki culture, while the Greek key mosaic ties in the glamour of the regency.


Colonia Deco


Palm Canyon Drive
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